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Habits are incredibly powerful. Research suggests 50% or more of everything we do each day is habit - even when we think we're making decisions!
So maybe it's a good idea to understand more about how they work, so you can use them to help you achieve what you really want.
Below you can take The Habit Quiz, based on habit and happiness expert Gretchen Rubin's extraordinarily insightful Four Tendencies framework, which can help you put your hands on the levers and dials of your own habits.
It's completely free, takes only about 3 minutes, and afterwards I'll send you a personal  Habit Profile.
If you want a bit more information first, you can watch the video below or, if you would rather,
Just click here to take The Habit Quiz



Click Here to Take the free 3 minute Habit Quiz


The first part of the quiz was designed by Gretchen Rubin. You'll find more information about her work and books in the report that I'll send you after you've completed the quiz. The second part is designed by me, and is intended to help you identify some specific habits you might want to do more or less of.


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