Your 5 Most Important Things

One in an ongoing series of videos designed to save you hours in less than 40 seconds!


5 Responses to 40 second time tip

  1. Doug, I like these small but important tips. We all know this is a key thing to help but forget to do it. Well done.

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  2. Paul Heaney says:

    Nice one Doug! Simple, memorable and effective.

    And nice to see you’ve taken my advice and initiative in creating 40 second videos – they work eh!


  3. Tim Douglas says:

    Simple and effective, both the message and the delivery of it. That’s what makes it powerful. Thanks Doug.

  4. Jason Thorne says:

    Nice one D 🙂

  5. Miles says:

    I’m loving these tips Doug. For anyone wanting to save more time I can highly recommend Sprintcuts on YouTube. m

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