Enjoyed a really good lunch at the Hoxton Apprentice on Wednesday - excellent food, thoroughly recommended.
However, this is really the end of a good story.....
On Monday of the previous week I had wandered out from Brick Lane to Spitalfields to find some lunch. As I passed some bike racks I noticed a messenger bag sitting propped against one of the bikes. I ignored it at first, but then as it didn't seem to have an owner around I said to the friend I was with, "I'm going to check that bag out - it looks like the kind of bag that could have a laptop in it, and if I don't do something, then whoever it belongs to will probably never see it again."
After gingerly lifting one corner to look for wires, I opened it properly and sure enough there was a laptop inside. I poked around to see if I could find some id and felt this squishy object and knew without seeing it what it was. I pulled out an envelope containing a very substantial wad of cash! Off I went to the police station in Bishopsgate and handed it in.
On the Wednesday morning the police called to say the owner had been traced and would like to thank me personally for handing it in, and gave me his contact details. I called him a few minutes later and we had a long chat about how he'd left the bag there in the first place, why I'd actually chosen to return to it and the results that had fallen out of these actions for each of us. Always one to recognise synchronicity I suggested we meet up for a coffee to discover "why" we'd bumped into each other's lives like this. Which is how I ended up in the Hoxton Apprentice.
We discovered we have loads of things in common, some almost spookily so, and will be meeting up again soon - this time simply because we're becoming friends.
So all in all, it worked out very well. I got to do my bit for another human being, he got his bag back, we've both got a new friend, and I discovered an excellent restaurant. And he also gave me a really lovely present to thank me for what I'd done.
And the sun shone for the only day this week, so we could sit outside and enjoy a leisurely lunch!


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  1. Rob Chant says:

    Sounds like karma in action to me! 🙂

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