Rob Yeung's "How To Win" is a really useful book, filled with solid research based approaches that build into a powerful set of models and strategies for creating success in life.


I really like the self analysis exercises that give some good insight into the way that you think and approach the situations covered in the book. The chapter on "Developing a Winning Outlook" is particularly strong in this respect and will, I think, prove especially useful to people new to the psychology of success. I also love the "Winning the Pitch" chapter which has some great ideas about storytelling and the construction of powerful influencing stories - in fact the book is worth buying for that chapter alone.

The blend of self realisation exercises and easy to understand techniques and tools continues throughout the book as it builds into a practical guide to real world influence and persuasion.


Each chapter addresses a different aspect of "winning", and it concludes with some straightforward recommendations to help you set effective goals and remain motivated to produce the results that you want.


There's one minor thing I'm not so keen on, which is the title. I do appreciate that it's a strong bookshelf title, but in my own work as a specialist in human behaviour, influence and motivation, I always make the point that the most effective way to win is usually by pursuing a mutually beneficial outcome. I'd like to see Rob make more of this idea right up at the front of the book, and consequently soften the testosterone fuelled title a bit.


Overall though, it's a great book from which I'm very likely to borrow some ideas for my own practice, and which I have no hesitation in recommending as a solid practical guide to getting ahead.

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