Doing stuff together with other people just works. - and it can be very easy.

Whether it's work, rest or play, sharing the load/experience/fun with someone else invariably produces a worthwhile outcome.

When it somes to business, I believe passionately in the power and benfit of collaboration within, and between, organisations.

Engagement, openness and co-creation can always outperform insularity, secrecy and protectionism.

You might like to try this exercise:

  1. Take a little while to think about who it would be useful for you to collaborate with.
  2. It's important to make sure it will be useful to them too  - if the beneffit only goea one way, it's not collaboration, it's exploitation!
  3. Get in touch with them and tell them your idea.
  4. If they're interested, get collaborating!
  5. Come back here and tell me about it.

One Response to Collaboration is….. doing it together

  1. As a fellow enthusiast for collaboration Doug you have a wealth of related ideas here re how and why to collaborate. Perhaps you and your readers might share their favorites resources here

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