U + DT = ER3


Albert EinsteinOne of the things I love about Albert Einstein is that not only was he unbelievably clever, he was also incredibly wise. It strikes me that his cleverness was in large part an outcome of applying his wisdom.

Quite simply, he thought differently from everyone else around him, which enabled him to come up with ideas and theories that no one else could.

And then he was brave enough to stand up for those ideas, even when faced with disagreement and, at times, ridicule.

And this leads to something important for you.

In business today it is more critical than ever to think differently from the herd, to provide something exceptional that will create the opportunities for you to  produce extraordinary results.

You are no longer just in competition with other people in the same business. You are in competition with everybody!

It doesn't matter if your business is design, the law, hospitality, accounting, photography, manufacturing, or anything else you can think of. You are in competition with Tesco, Amazon, Facebook, the corner shop, a plumber, BMW - because you are in competition for attention.

There is so much noise out there, so many things scrabbling for people's attention, that it is imperative for you to think differently, and develop different behaviours, in order to succeed.

And that is what I have always been interested in. How can I think differently? How can you do it? How can I help people to do it, such that they can achieve the things they really want to? What different behaviours can you invent with your different thinking? What different things can you think and do that will fuel your success?

I've been fascinated by, and researching, these questions for almost forty years, and in that time I've developed some wisdom of my own.

The formula is not one of Einstein’s; it’s one of mine.

It is simply this

yoU + Different Thinking = Extraordinary Results3

and the power of the results is directly proportional to the difference of the thinking.

Please contribute to my research by telling me about how you are thinking differently, and the results you're getting.  Or how you're struggling to do that. Or what you've learnt. Or what you need to learn.

You can contribute by commenting in the box below, or you can send me an email.

I really look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you!


2 Responses to Consider this formula:

  1. Paul says:


    Love the eBook cover! Nice one!

    Yes, I use very much Heath Robinson methods in my photography, and my clients like it. I treat every job as unique and look for unique opportunities from shooting client jobs in a way that offers them something different and uniquely their own. This approach also inspires me, so I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘bored’ .. never have! You can never know enough and there’s always an opportunity to learn more and realise things in every situation.

    My charitable foundation project is partly about looking for the principles of life, that work! Whoever I talk to about my project always seems to be enthused and interested and inspired. Always looking for the opportunity to transform, and I think we all could do this and it would benefot all.

    You are so right about thinking differently, but its more actually the fact that the ‘differentiation is a result of allowing ourselves or freeing up ourselves to think in our own unique way, because each of us has a unique quality and offering to the world. This is the task for each of us to realise. Being different as a motivator can lead to egotism and being different for the sake of it in a shallow unproductive way. The ‘being different’ comes naturally as a result of realising our own freedom, giving ourselves the permission to be ourselves and not concern ourselves with fear.

    I participated in an interesting workshop once. The theme was about transcending from the usual human condition to the status of hero. It was an exercise in realising our own potential. It worked! The workshop leader was a Mexican called Nicolas Nunez from University of Mexico. He had travelled widely and learnt many things from many cultures along the way. He had something to say.

    I also think you have something to say Doug. I love your uniqueness. I think it can be developed 😉

    Best wishes and regards,


  2. Jason Thorne says:

    Interesting, and somewhat intense. But that is no less than I expect from you! In a good way too, as long as it works. As it must do. However, I do not understand the formula. Why, for example is Extraordinary Results to the power of 3? Why is it not just squared 🙂

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