So, George Osborne has done his thing, we've had the "Emergency" Budget, and now all the pontificators, pundits & politicians are giving us the benefit of their "analysis".

Except that the majority of the "analysis" is nothing of the sort - more accurately it is opinion and speculation about what is good, bad or indifferent about the Chancellor's cuts and taxes, and whether they agree or disagree with what he's done - and I think you or I could have predicted most of their responses pretty closely.

I doubt you are surprised to hear that Alistair Darling is "concerned", Harriet Harman thinks it is "reckless"  or that Bob Crow considers it "a budget for the rich".

But what I'm really interested in is what YOU think. I don't want your "analysis" or whether you think it will produce the results George Osborne says he wants it to.

What I want to know is, quite simply, how do you FEEL about the budget?

I'm currently researching how people's emotions impact on their beliefs, attitudes and actions.

So I want to know about the emotions that the budget has caused in you (whether they are positive, negative or neutral), what you believe the consequences of it will be for you, and what actions (if any) you will be taking in response to it.

Please add a comment and tell me in a few words how you FEEL about the budget (and please try to resist the temptation to make it a political rant - I've already had enough of that from the "professional" ranters!)

Thanks for your thoughts and feelings!

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2 Responses to How do you FEEL about the budget?

  1. Tim_harper says:

    I felt it was pretty well thought out and balanced the need to be tough but without hurting anyone too much. It could have been much, much worse

  2. Ian Stewart says:

    We are so much in debt in the U.K. that this is like a large company using cheaper soap in the wash rooms to ward off bankruptcy. This deficit is going to have to be hacked down and this budget is not going to achieve that. It is going to hurt sooner or later, so like all painful things, let’s get it over with, sooner rather than later.

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