We all have things that we'd prefer not to do right now, even though we know they will bring long term benefits.

We'd rather exchange that long term benefit for present pleasure. And often we justify it by saying "I can always do that tomorrow." (aka procrastination)

This morning my alarm rang at 6:00, I soooo wanted to stay in bed rather than get up and go to the gym, which I had had no doubt I would be doing when I'd set the alarm last night. I was warm and comfortable, staying where I was was much more enticing than getting up and exercising.

I hit snooze.

6:10 - I hit snooze again, even as I was trying to tell myself about how much better I would feel in the long run if I went to the gym. I was still warm and comfortable. I was quite literally in my comfort zone.

6:20 - Finally I got up. I'd given up trying to cajole myself with long term benefits. This time I simply said "Just do it!"

I still didn't want to do it - I just knew that if I'm ever gong to achieve what I say I'm committed to, then going to the gym was the only authentic thing to do.

So, when you've got one of those things going on, and the thought of immediate pleasure is overwhelming your awareness of the real (long term) benefit, there really is only one course of action  - Just Do It!


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