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The Genius Group


Running your own business is rarely easy, and at times every businessperson feels that they could achieve more than they currently are.

But how do you do that?

Not in a haphazard way like many of us experience, but regularly, consistently and sustainably.

A great deal of research over the last 40 years has reached the conclusion that there is a very strong link between human performance and social interaction.

Quite simply, connected people produce better results.

And that is not because of some kind of "old boy" network - psychology and neuroscience researchers have demonstrated over and over again, that people who actively engage with others are happier, more focussed and perform to a higher standard.

By combining these findings with studies of top performers in business and sport, and theories of social and organisational behaviour, we have created the best possible environment for you, and your business, to fulfil your true potential.

The Genius Group is a revolutionary approach to causing extraordinary business achievement, which taps into the power of collaboration, interdependence and social interaction.

It is an exciting, 12 month programme for owner- and senior managers of small and medium sized businesses, committed to exceptional performance, determined to play full out, and willing to support each other in their endeavours.

It allows you to leverage new learning with your own, and other people’s knowledge, experience and networks, leading to a growth in your ability, and a dramatic boost in business and personal productivity and success.

As well as specific business techniques, the Genius Group concentrates on the psychology of peak performance, enabling you to:

  • Focus your time, energy and attention on what really matters.
  • Build on what works for you, and access greater power in the areas that don’t.
  • Develop yourself further as a  strong and effective leader.
  • Produce outstanding results.

How does it work?

The Genius Group has four core building blocks:

  • Professional Development - throughout the programme you will be introduced to, and trained in, new and valuable concepts that you can put to work immediately in your business.
  • Mentoring - both the formal mentoring from Doug that is built into the programme and, more importantly, the informal mentoring relationships that you will create for yourself with your peers in the Group.
  • Coaching - Doug is a highly experienced coach, who has worked with more than 3,000 people over the last 20 years. Like the mentoring though, of at least equal value is the peer coaching that develops naturally between members of the Group.
  • Collaboration - connecting, collaborating, sharing and succeeding with the like minded, talented and committed individuals who make up the Genius Group with you.

Accessing the group’s genius:

At the heart of the Genius Group is a monthly 4-hour group session where you will come together with other like-minded business people to work collaboratively on your business plans and actions.

In each session you will be introduced to new performance concepts, immediately start to apply them to your business through engaging exercises, and work as a team to create a structure for fulfilling your plans over the next month.

Between sessions you will employ a powerful framework to ensure that you follow through with velocity and consistency, and achieve your objectives, including:

  • Conference call group telephone coaching session with Doug.
  • Monthly “Expert” interviews on relevant and interesting topics (downloadable mp3)
  • 1:1 coaching session with Doug every two months
  • Self-directed Buddy and Team collaboration
  • Online forum for sharing ideas, making requests and arranging meetings

What you will gain:

  • Effective behaviours for creating success.
  • Increased choice, opportunity & flexibility.
  • Enhanced confidence.
  • The power of partnership and collaboration.
  • Greater clarity and velocity of plans, actions and purpose.
  • Expanded knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Bigger and faster goal achievement with less stress.
  • Outstanding measurable results.

And, most importantly, the business you really want.


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