Given enough time, I could probably come up with literally hundreds of reasons why collaboration within and between organisations is a really, really good idea.

But as it's Friday afternoon I think I'll keep it brief and start off with just 4.

And then I'll break each of those 4 down into 4 more.

The top level 4 are really straightforward.

Collaboration helps your business be:

  • Bigger
  • Better
  • Faster
  • More Resilient


And breaking each of those down, produces another 16.

You get to be bigger:

  • Take on larger projects
  • Appear like a larger organisation
  • Have a bigger (wider & deeper) offering
  • Can add/subtract people as needed

You get to be faster

  • Can respond more quickly
  • Can add people to make jobs happen faster
  • Can bring in knowledge, up to speed instantly
  • Collective intelligence/crowdsourcing for problem solving

You get to be better:

  • Wider knowledge base
  • More experience
  • Exactly right team
  • More eyes on the ball - pick up errors

You get to be more resilient

  • Are not so dependent on particular people
  • A bigger sales team
  • Always have support available
  • Share financial risk



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