NYR single mag cropped Now is the perfect time to review what you did and what you achieved over the past year, and invent ways to build powerfully on it and make your next year even better. 

In the day to day hurly burly of life and business we hardly ever take time out to make a clear and objective assessment of what is and isn’t working, and to learn from our experience. Even though it is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Now is the time to take that time out and set up 2011 as your best year ever.

One of my early mentors, a man I had huge respect for, told me "There is almost nothing that will benefit your business more than taking time to look back at what happened, authentically  evaluate what worked and what didn't, extract lessons from it, and apply them to your future actions."

He went on "Nothing is wasted as long as you learn form it."

I have used, and benefitted greatly from, what he taught me ever since.

As well as carrying out a year end review, I also use the process during and after projects and at other times when I face challenges. It is always useful to do.

I use it to:

Remind myself about all the important things that happened
Get fully present to my achievements
Objectively assess what worked well and what I can learn
Design actions to give even better results in the future
Start taking those actions and produce outstanding results

This year I decided to write up the process so that I can give it away to others, just like he gave it to me, and you can benefit from it to.

I've put it into a short ebook, called the New Year Revolution and you can Download It Free Here.

It takes only a few minutes to read, and not much longer to start to apply. It is definitely NOT about making more work for yourself.

It IS about giving yourself a powerful boost into the New Year.

Please Download Your Free Copy Now and let me know how you get on with it.


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